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Mindful Sustainability Educator

Liz Rutledge is deeply passionate about the environment and wellness. She has been doing Mindfulness in one form or another since she was 10 years old. Deeply committed to helping others manage stress and find calm, she teaches Mindfulness at schools in the Denver area and is trained by Mindful Schools. Liz speaks to groups about Mindfulness and Sustainability - or, Mindful Sustainability. Mindfulness is about taking care of Our Selves, Our Community, and Our Planet. Liz teaches people how to be mindful about our planet by composting, gardening, recycling and other sustainability activities.
Speaker, Author & Trainer

Dr. Cyrina Bullard is an Amazon best-selling author with her book C3 Creating Conscious Connections. In her book, she shares the challenges she has overcome, and the lessons learned along the way. Cyrina has been a pharmacist for over 25 years and now shares a unique blend of science-based and motivational tools to support others to be resilient and Catch Happiness® in their moments. She is certified by UC Berkeley in the Science of Happiness, by Yale in the Science of Well-Being, and certified in Conversational Intelligence®. She is also a Certified Coach and Trainer for HeartMath® and a Life Mastery Consultant. Focusing on techniques to improve resilience, mindset, and encouraging people to live a life of design, not one of default.
Creating Culinary Vision and Joy
Nakia Laubscher
Chef, Business Owner

Overwhelmed by having to cook and plan meals? Chefate, LLC's Chef Nakia will inspire you with menu plans, recipes & reducing food waste!Cooking isn’t a task that must be completed; cooking is a joyful celebration of skills and love of food.Here’s a secret that food professionals don’t want you to know: cooking, in itself, isn’t difficult.It has been in our DNA since the first caveman and cavewoman grilled over an open fire.Food preparation isn’t hard. It can be time-consuming and new techniques can feel intimidating, but believe in yourself! Have fun trying new things and you will discover a world of culinary possibilities.Enjoy fun, instructional videos, downloadable recipes for delicious dishes and menu plan templates to support you in creating culinary vision and joy. You can find Chefate at:
Living a Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle
Rachel Muskopf
Beachbody® and Mindfulness Coach

Rachel hails from Virginia, is 47 years old and enjoys the sparkle in life with energy, a smile, and extra-long lashes. She lives with her wonderful husband and soulmate (married 20 years as of September 2021) along with two furry Persian kitties, Sebastian and Vincent. After her health scare in 2017, Rachel continued to develop her passion for helping others with their health and fitness journeys. She is a Beachbody® coach and is blessed to be able to lead a growing virtual accountability group of ladies focused on building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. To learn more, look for her on Facebook and Instagram sharing helpful tips daily about mindset, nutrition, and fitness @rachelmuskopf.  
You can find Rachel at: 
The Untapped Power of the Nap
Catherine Peters
Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
Coach Catherine Peters takes you on a journey to dreamland. Learn why sleep is so important, the benefits of napping and how to sleep well. We need to give ourselves a license to invest in rest and our overall well-being. Catherine aka Cat Nap Queen will teach you the science behind napping. This information will help you realize that if you give yourself permission, you can become more productive, happy and healthy to name a few benefits. You can find Cat at:https://catthecoach.comLinkedIn: @CatTheCoach
The Nine Environments of YOU
Gina Pigott
CEO, Business Coach and Consultant

Would you like to create a life that will help you to have happiness, good health and the ability to create wealth? Are you aware that environments surround you and have an impact on you 24/7? Explore the Nine Environments of YOU to transform your life with Gina Pigott from The Ultimate Game of Life! Live your life by design, not by default. Here are the environments we will dive into. Game On!

You can find Gina at:

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief
Amy Ippoliti
Author, CEO and Founder of Vesselify

Let Amy Ippoliti guide you through a relaxing yoga practice in this 30 minute class. Enjoy this practice anytime you're feeling stressed, anxious, or out of sorts to help settle your nervous system, generate a sense of calm, and get grounded. Starts with a brief discussion, followed by a full spectrum practice and finishes with a side lying restorative pose. Props needed: Sticky mat and some blankets. Optional: Two blocks, a couch cushion or pillow.
Enjoy Amy's Class!
You can find Amy at:

Creativity in Turning Challenges to Opportunities
Jeff Schwartz
Lawyer, Founder and CEO of CBA

You too can Conceive...Believe...and...Achieve! Creatively turn challenges into opportunities. Life at times can present challenges, what will be your strategy to deal with the obstacles placed on your path? Jeff Schwartz will share with your methods to be able to effectively create opportunities from the challenges we face.
You can find Jeff at: and LinkedIn-
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