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Creating Culinary Vision and Joy

Overwhelmed by having to cook and plan meals? Chefate, LLC's Chef Nakia will inspire you with menu plans, recipes & reducing food waste!

Cooking isn’t a task that must be completed; cooking is a joyful celebration of skills and love of food.Here’s a secret that food professionals don’t want you to know: cooking, in itself, isn’t difficult.It has been in our DNA since the first caveman and cavewoman grilled over an open fire.

Food preparation isn’t hard. It can be time-consuming and new techniques can feel intimidating, but believe in yourself! Have fun trying new things and you will discover a world of culinary possibilities.

Enjoy fun, instructional videos, downloadable recipes for delicious dishes and menu plan templates to support you in creating culinary vision and joy.
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Nakia Lauscher

Chef, Business Owner
Nakia is a Chef who connects busy people with joyful food. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado. Chef Nakia worked in Research & Development at a dessert manufacturer for over five years. In August of 2020, Nakia launched Chefate [SHEF-et]: to offer a personalized, chef-guided grocery delivery experience. An added bonus of Chefate’s business model is sustainable flair. Groceries are delivered in reusable containers and bags and meal plans account for leftovers to reduce food waste. She guides people on culinary adventures. Chef Nakia makes meal planning and cleaning the fridge fun! You can find Chefate on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and to learn more check out their offerings on their website at: https://www.chefatellc.com/
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